Creative Expression through Music and Play
Music & Imagination
  Music   &      Imagination 

All Characters are based on seasonal themes.

 All Programs are full of music (with some guitar accompaniment), dance, imaginative play, stories (with some puppetry) and silly fun. Children are encouraged to participate and play along.

All fees vary depending on distance. Please contact me for more pricing details.

Snow Princess
For this program, I come dressed as a Snow Princess and during this show, we might sing Snowman songs and pretend to be snowmen, skate around the room and have a snowball fight with cotton balls. Children might meet a snowman who's friend the bunny, ate his nose by mistake and sets off to find him a new one.

Other themes also loved by children during this time are puppy songs and imaginative play, space themed songs, monkey and crocodile (puppet play), pretend to be penguins (and meet a silly bird who wants to be a penguin with us), parachute play, or dinosaur fun to name a few.

This winter program also includes Holiday themed programs where we would sing songs related to Christmas and Hanukkah. Children would meet Rudy, my baby reindeer who wants to be just like Rudolph.

Fun Spring Costume or Sun Princess
For my spring program, I will dress in a colorful outfit, wearing a vest covered with dragonflies and butterflies and a big colorful hat. Together we will welcome in spring by singing about and pretending to be: flowers blooming, caterpillars turning into butterflies, birds making nests and eggs hatching, bugs and bees. We might sing farm songs and meet my goat (puppet) who loves to show everyone his stinky things. We will do a butterfly dance with scarfs pretend to be tadpoles turning into frogs, or dance with silk flowers.

As spring turns into Summer, we would also sing songs about fish and beach themes and the children will meet a shark that doesn't hurt when he bites. Children might also meet my friend Rocking Robin (puppet) who loves to dance to the song...Rocking Robin but who is always full of harmless mischief and often trying to trick us.


For my fall program, I come dressed in green overalls that I have decorated from top to bottom and with that I wear a crazy hat. Children love this costume because there is so much to look at and I sometimes will wear this costume for some winter parties.

During my Fall program, we will sing farm songs and children will meet my goat who loves stinky things. We might also sing songs about apples and pumpkins and they might meet a worm who lives in an apple. We will sing about leaves changing colors and use scarfs and feathers while we pretend to be the wind dancing with leaves.

Halloween Witch Program

During my Halloween program, I come dressed as a (child friendly)

Witch and sing and dance and pretend to be all types of Halloween creatures. The children will meet a little black cat (puppet) who lives in my pumpkin and tries to trick me by popping out when I'm not looking. This is a very popular program so book early.

Pajama Party

The children and I will play together dressed in our comfy PJs with sleeping bags or blankets and a favorite stuffed animal. We will do any number of songs and games that I have described in some of my other programs.


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